Data Protection

The protection of your personal data is of primary importance to us. We subsequently explain which personal data we are collecting and for what purpose:

Process data of each user accessing an Internet page of our offer, and of each file fetch, are stored in a protocol file. These data are not person-identified so that we are unable to trace which user requested which information. The following data record of each call is stored:

  • Name of the called file
  • Date and time of the call
  • Amount of data transmitted
  • Message indicating whether the call was successful

We do not create user profiles! The stored data are only evaluated for statistical purposes! Data are never passed on to third parties!

This page uses "cookies". A cookie is a small text file which the web browser stores on the user’s hard disk following a corresponding instruction from the Web server. Cookies are primarily used by the server as an electronic flag in order to store user-specific browser inquiries, for instance, which web site was visited and for how long or whether the requested web site was to be transmitted in a version defined by the user. Cookies cannot delete files on a hard disk, nor can they read the contents of a hard disk or transmit viruses. Cookies are therefore completely harmless!
Personal data that the user may transmit to us when visiting our Homepage are treated strictly in conformity with the statutory data protection regulations applicable at the given company’s location. When a user sends us an electronic message (E-mail) and/or fills in an online form on our Website, we then store and process the specified data and information of the given user for the intended or assumed purpose, that is, to transmit requested documents or information or to assess the transmitted application documents. Such personal data are never passed on to third parties outside the company! However, we do wish to point out that when your data is transmitted via the Internet there is always the possibility that unauthorized parties can gain knowledge of this information and/or change its contents.

The user herewith agrees to the above storage and use of the specified data and to the use of cookies.

For further details concerning data protection in connection with the Internet pages of the Uzin Utz Group or stored personal data, or if you wish to object to the use of your data by us, then please contact:

Uzin Utz AG
Head word: Data protection
Dieselstrasse 3
D-89079 Ulm
E-Mail: info@